Default terminology entry in Application Settings

Through this thread, I just noticed that it is possible to set the default terminology entry through application settings. But when I go there and choose my terminology, select button grays out (and it stay grayed out for every other entry in the dropdown, including slicer’s defaults segmentation terminology).

This is in 5.6.1

Found that it grays out whenever an item in the left list has been unselected; and remains gray even if all the items are selected again.

If you choose a property then the “Select” button becomes enabled and you can click on it to accept the selection.

Yes indeed, it was too obvious :slight_smile: :smile:

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I might have misunderstood what this selection achieves. I want to make the custom terminology i installed as the default terminology to be used. I thought thats what the selection achieves.
I dont need to select a term.

That’s exactly what this does.

You have to select a complete term, because this will be used in the Segment Editor by default for new segments if you don’t select anything else.

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Hi, I was trying to apply custom terminology by default when I added the segmentation layer, but it failed, though I changed the preference setting as the image above. Can anyone tell me the point that I misunderstood the process?