Deploy and test your model on clinical data

If you have built an AI image processing model and shared it with the Slicer Community, you’ve made it easy to researchers and Slicer users around the world to use your tool and benefit from the results.

Now if you are looking to deploy your innovation at scale, test your model on real-world data, see how well your model generalizes, or if you want to facilitate your collaborations with clinical researchers, then we can bring value to your models by deploying them in the most easy and frictionless way to clinician users, for them to test them on their real-life data and provide feedback.

Our marketplace is an open, frictionless platform for medical imaging AI producers : you can easily upload your containerized models and share them via a simple URL with collaborators around the world. Clinician users can easily access your model, upload their DICOM data and instantaneously visualize inference results on our web viewer.

We are showcasing this open innovation platform at RSNA. If you are looking to deploy your model to the community, you can start now.

Arterys has been around for about six years, raised over $40M, won 6 FDA approvals, and is now opening our cloud platform to innovators who want to validate their AI models in clinical settings.


Slicer can be already deployed on the cloud in Docker containers, either using GUI or as a batch data processor (see here and here). But it is true that we haven’t made much effort to integrate it with external healthcare app stores and it would be interesting to explore that.

How could Slicer extensions be deployed as an Arterys application - 1. with Arterys image viewer, and 2. with Slicer’s own GUI (e.g., using noVNC or similar web-based remote desktop solution)?

Would you be interested in putting together a Slicer/Arterys demo for RSNA? We would be happy to help with that and also a couple of Slicer core team members will be there at RSNA.

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Hi Andras,

this sounds like a great opportunity indeed.

Let’s discuss it over a call or a Tcon. Are you available tomorrow Tuesday in the morning or Wednesday around noon?



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Could you join the weekly hangout tomorrow at 10am?

Here is the announcement for tomorrow’s call: 2019.10.28 Hangout

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Sure! I will join.