Developer needed for automatic load images, export segmentations

Hello, this is a thread for anyone who is interested to make some money and also develop a slicer script:

Here is the script description:

Script that goes through a $Mainfolder
and opens every $Subfolder.

In each Subfolder there is a set of .PNG images to be loaded into a volume.

Based on the name of the first image (first image name is basically a int number separated from a string value by a comma, create transformation and apply it to the volume. the transformation should be made using the int number from the name of the image)

Create segmentation based on threshold parameters usind the threshold method.

Show 3D and smoothen by 0.3 instead of default 0.5

Export segmentation and rename the exported .obj file to hold ($stringvaluefromtheimage name, int value from the name of the first image, int value from the name of the last image)

How much would you require for such a script?
Thank you all <3

Some sample images would be nice to evaluate the feasibility of the job. Regards

images are around 4000x2000 png format.
Usually in the sets are anywhere from 30-400 images
each image is around 3-4 mb.

the images contain already segmented specimen so there is usually only 1 color and it should entirely be painted, evenything else is black. so same treshold settings can be used for entire set of images.

I could post a sample on monday because its weekend but i don’t know what we could learn new from it. I can answer all details and questions you’d need by monday already.

So please ask whatever questions you have, I think I am ready to answer

I would need a regular expression for the files inside folder, or an assertion that all files inside the folder shall be processed (no exceptions).

I need to know if all files in a folder are suppossed to be slices of a single 3d volume, in this case I will need the voxel size (width, height, depth) in mm.

How do I know the order of loading? The images are numbered, how?

Where do you want the output? (same folder, folder selection dialog)

Image file names look like this:
“0001, tumor.png”
“0002, tumor.png”
All files in the folder shall be processed. If subfolders present in that same folder with that set of images, they hold info data and shall not be processed further.

Yes I can get the voxel size i wuold have to check.

Order of loading the images because of their names.
“0001, tumor.png”
“0002, tumor.png”
“0003, tumor.png”
“0004, tumor.png”

Output on the Desktop folder called “Output”
In this case output file name should be “tumor” not the numbers of the each image.

Thanks, I will prepare a mockup and will let you know. it shall be ready today.

more details please write to me in pv

I need a valid email from you to add you to the github project