Developer's mode edit button no action in Linux

After enabling the developer mode, I expect the edit button would open the source code of the active module in a text editor.

In Linux, this doesn’t seem to do anything, even though there are multiple registered editors available in the system (gedit, Rstudio, etc). At the minimum it should open with vi or something. It also doesnt seem like a user-editable setting under the developer settings in Application Settings menu.

I don’t use that button, but I suspect you can control it with something like export EDITOR=gvim or similar in the shell before you start Slicer. This would at least be the old school way of doing it.

EDITOR/VISUAL shell variables didn’t seem to have any effect. It is not a big deal. It just helps not to navigate a bunch of folders to take a peek at the code… Works well on Mac.

Here’s the code that we use:

It looks configurable, but may require some work:

Maybe better if we check the return code from the openUrl call and if it fails we put up a dialog box with the file path and a button to copy it to the clipboard.

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