Dicom import problem (ultrasound)

Dear Andras Lasso

I have been not able to import the ultrasound images (dicom files-2D/3D…).

There have been not any other things in Slicer software.

Ultrasound images were made by Canon Medical Systems.

Do you have the solutions about this issue?

If you need dicom files for test, I can send it to you.

Thank you

Best regards

Seonkyu Kim

Operating system: window 7
Slicer version: 4.8.1
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:


I have encountered a problem. I want to import ultrasound DICOM data (not 3D ultrasound, yet regular 2D images saved as video - 200 sequential pics of a vessel) but I can’t slide the ruler in the red (axial) window.
Study was performed on GE Voluson E9 (I think).
What I need to do?

You can use the play button on the Sequence toolbar to replay ultrasound image sequences.

Omg, yes, I didn’t think that way… thank you, I’ll give it a try.

Ok, now I can move between the frames, but when I want to segment and paint the region of the interest, the same shape of the initial frame segmentation stays in all the frames, yet it should change between the frames (as the vessel diameter changes).

Pls, any suggestions?

In Sequences module, you need to add a new sequence, set the segmentation node as proxy node, and enable “Save changes” checkbox. Then a different segmentation will be saved for each time point.