Dicom segmentation object Q/R


We have setup the 3D Slicer dicom browser to be able to Q/R into a vendor software. The query shows all the series, including a dicom segmentation object (modality SEG). The retrieve is successful in pulling all other series except dicom seg. We were expecting the dicom seg to behave like other dicom series with regards to Q/R. We were wondering if there is any specific function that needs to be enabled to make this work?


That’s interesting - glad you were able to get the rest working and I agree it’s odd the SEG wouldn’t come over. I can’t think of anything in the Slicer/ctk dicom networking layer that would even care what kind of instance it is.

Can you confirm that it’s not actually in the database and it’s just not being loaded correctly? You would need the Quantitative Reporting extension installed to load. Can you load it if you download a different way?

Another thing to try would be using the dcmtk command line tools to CGET the instance and see if it works. I know some dimse implementation need to be configured to allow storage of certain SOP classes, and maybe they also need to be configured to allow retrieval too.

Maybe the presentation contexts needs some adjustment, similarly to how the configuration had to be tuned for fixing sending of DICOM segmentation objects: