DICOM to NIFTI conversion

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.2

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I’m wondering if someone knows how Slicer deals with the DICOM to NIFTI conversion? More specifically, what packages or tools do they use to achieve this? Is there any source code online on Slicer repo?

I know in Slicer, the DICOM file can be loaded into the scene and saved as various formats like .nrrd or NIFTI.

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Slicer loads from DICOM into its internal representation (vtkImageData) using a number of libraries. mostly GDCM and DCMTK. It then uses ITK file writers to create the NIFTI image.

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The code with DICOM in the name here is a place to start, but this code itself relies on multiple libraries:

Also this thread may help you:

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