Difference between slicer 4.5 to slicer 4.13

What are major feature are improved in Slicer 4.5 old version to Slicer 4.13.

I understand some performance improvement is there in 4.13. We can see segmentation improvement and GUI improvements.

May I know any other feature improvement in slicer 4.13 from 4.5?

Where i can see the documents for this?

Short answer is that a lot of things have been fixed and improved since 4.5.

You can look in detail here (over 4,400 files changed).

I think anyone used to using 4.5 would be pleasantly surprised by the latest versions but if there are specific regressions let us know.

Thanks for the reply. Is support available for slicer 4.5 version?

Not really, no. We might be able to answer questions about how it worked, but certainly nobody is providing bug fixes.

You may contact Slicer commercial partners for paid support of old releases.

Thanks for the reply.