Display model with a "shiny" surface

Today I try to modify the brightness(Shiny material properties) of the modules
but I found only one XML file
and I don’t know how to access this code.

I just want to change the Preview

Display properties are stored in the display node. For example, you can use SetAmbient, SetDiffuse, SetSpecular, and SetPower methods.

wow that works perfectly thanks
I leave the code here:


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hello today i found a bug
what i do is the following instruction
and automatically changes the visible sides of
Right-Cerebral-Cortex to all.
but when I want to do it with the left side it doesn’t work
I just want to use this instruction visible side all.

This is not a bug but a feature. If you clip a model then you need to show both frontface and backface of the model.

but it just aply to right side the left side is not changging

If you want to show both sides of a model then you can call BackfaceCullingOff() method.

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thank you that explains everything

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