Does the " intensity range" mean the "Hounsfield unit" on CT dicom image?

I am trying the segmentation editor by intensity range on my CT dicom image.
Does the " intensity range" mean the “Hounsfield unit” on CT dicom image???
I compare the same dicom image on the 3D slicer and other dicom viewer. It seems the " intensity range" on 3D slicer equal to Hounsfield unit. But I am not sure about this point.

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.11.0
Expected behavior: segmentation by intensity range
Actual behavior:


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Yes, voxel values of a CT volume is in HU.

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Dear Andras Lasso:
Thank you for your kindly replay.


Hi ,while searching for the House Field unit, I have a question here.

According to this comment, is it correct to indicate the segmented HA value in the segment editor in the picture?

Yes, in clinical CT images, voxel values are in HU and the threshold range is defined in HU.