Draw tool stops working in segmentation editor

Operating system:Mac

When I’m trying to draw an aortic segment, the draw and paint tool are what I mainly use. But for some reason, along the way down the scans the draw tool stops working. I can draw the outline just fine, but right clicking to accept the outline doesn’t work. The paint tool is still functional, but sometimes this won’t be working either.

Is there some steps to ensure proper functionality that I’m not aware of? I’m an undergraduate research assistant so I realize this may be a very basic problem but I would appreciate some clarity since this is a consistent issue for me.

Hi @Kamyar_Zarkoub

Can you please let us know what Slicer version you are using?


Hello Andinet ,

My version of slicer is

4.10.2 r28257

Please switch to the latest stable and let us know if the issue still persists.


The issue is still persisting. I installed the latest version, and the draw tool works fine for a while but around 10 minutes in has stopped working. Right clicking does not fill in the region I have drawn, but the paint feature still works.

Do you get any error messages?

The error log dialog is accessible from View -> Error Log or via the Ctrl+0 shortcut.

Here are some of my most recent errors

Can you paste them as text, only a portion is visible in screenshot. There are no errors in these ones, only some info.

@Kamyar_Zarkoub Does it fix the issue if you adjust the slice position a bit by moving the mouse in any of the slice viewers while holding down Shift key?

@Andras It has been working for now with the new update - when I did run into the issue a couple times I just closed and re-opened slicer which made things work again. I will try this next time I run into the issue and let you know, thank you!