Dynamic 3D Object Manipulation for surgery simulation

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience with the manipulation of 3D objects?
After I made my 3D model I’.m looking for a way to manipulate it, for example, retracting the lung parenchyma to expose the vessels.
There is a great paper where collegues from Japan are using it: DEFINE_ME.

Here a video to here is a video from the paper to explain better:


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If you need approximate deformation, then you can simply use a thin-plate-spline transform driven by control points in Slicer. It can warp not just models (meshes) but volumetric images and all other nodes as well. Here is a short tutorial how to set up something like this for a more complicated case (deform soft tissue with constraints of nearby bones; modify an image, not just mesh):

If you need physically realistic deformations then I would recommend to have a look at IMSTK. @Sam_Horvath can give more details about how that works in Slicer.