Early VR interaction papers on PRESENCE Journal

During the VR interaction session at the recent Project Week, we discussed interaction modes. I was reminded of early research by some former colleagues at Univ. of Central Florida. Here is a URL and Bibliography to some of the work that might be of interest:


[Daniel P. Mapes and J. Michael Moshell]
Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments
Volume 4 | Issue 4 | Fall 1995

This is the work I described about selecting a nearby object to establish a coordinate system transformation and move the world with respect to the eyepoint instead of flying the eyepoint towards the target object. The point was made about simulation sickness when moving the eyepoint, but our lab’s work indicated this paradigm of direct manipulation of the virtual environment was effective.

Some literature search of the PRESENCE journal might help us take advantage of some of the earlier work. It is nice to see that rendering and VR technology is finally more widely accessible.


Thank you. I’ve added this to the Project Week AR/VR breakout session notes.