Easy Clip Extension - Not loading in Linux

The easy clip extension and several other extensions like angleplanes,q3dc are failing to load in my machine. It woks in the stable release.

This has been the case for several previous preview release which i noticed. I was hoping it would get fixed. I am using linux mint. Is there a way to make it work in the preview release ?

It looks like the extensions have not been updated to Python3. These issues are very easy to fix and since SlicerCMF has recenty received funding for further development, there should be people available to work on it. Report the problem on the project’s issue tracker and see if it gets fixed. If you don’t get any activity by the end of the week then let us know and we’ll bring it up at the next weekly meeting.

You may also try posting questions about SlicerCMF modules in https://discourse.slicer.org/c/community/slicercmf/ to see if SlicerCMF developers monitor that forum subcategory.

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