Elastix AND Python Scripting

Hi all,

I want to perform groupwise registration as described here Groupwise Registration — SimpleElastix 0.1 documentation with python scripting. Should I build Elastix from scratch or is there a way to do it with 3D slicer ?


You can get Elastix by installing SlicerElastix extension or downloading Elastix binaries from their website or pip install SimpleElastix (pip_install('SimpleElastix')). You can use all these from Python in Slicer.

On the current stable (4.11.20210226), pip_install('SimpleElastix') gives the following error for me:

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement SimpleElastix
ERROR: No matching distribution found for SimpleElastix

Should this work?

It looks like the SimpleElastix package is only for Python2. It relies on SimpleITK for current Python versions: SimpleITK-SimpleElastix · PyPI