Elastix general registration


In elastix general registration mask volume option doesn’t allow me to select anything. It jus give the option none.

I created a mask beforehand and then selected my fixed and moving volumes,

Can someone help please


Do you have labelmap volumes in the scene?

Yes I do. I tried creating the mask with segment editor and then reading the clip with model module I did that also. So I had many label maps created but they don’t show up in the drop down. ( they do show up in data module)

Thanks a lot

Have you chosen “Fill inside and outside” option and “(Create new labelmap volume)”
output volume before clicking “Apply”? If you choose the mask volume in Volumes module, what is the value of “Volume type” in “Volume information” section?

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Thank you ever so much @lassoan.
I had made the mask with clip volume with model; module. It did not work.

But when I did with segment editor it works.

Thanks a lot

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