Elastix Registration 3D CT monomodal lung

Hello to all
I’ve been using the toolbox “registration” of 3d Slicer, especially “elastix”. Trying with a registration with “generic (all)” preset I get a discreet result, but not great. My goal is to get the best possible recording of the lungs.
(I am recording 2 CT scans of the same pig before ablation and after ablation, so in two distinct moments). I have questions

  1. What is the difference between the various “3D CT, monomodal lung” I have more than one and I do not understand the difference? (I’m always referring to the preset)
  2. Do you have any idea why it is not working? I get an error message. I’m using the same fixed and moving volume of “generic all”, but it doesn’t wok
    Thank you


One thing that could work is to segment the lung and to register only the lung if that’s the region of interest in your use case

How do I do this? I created two segments, one for pre ablation lungs and one for post ablation lungs. I applied a rigid linear transformation, trying to make both images and volumes coincide as much as possible, but when I use the “elastix” toolbox and try to insert the mask, it is as if my segmentations did not exist.
Thank you

This is the error that i find

Did you transform your segments into volume ?
I don’t know a way to do it directly, I usually first convert it to a labelmap then transform the labelmap to volume using the “mask scalar volume toolbox”.
Elastix only accept volume as input not segmentation, it might be why you couldn’t find them