Embedded Qlabel as a Slicer app layout

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Currently, I am using slicer to display some images(or video) on a Qlabel. It seems to work fine, but I want to embedd the Qlabel window on the slicer layout, instead of any one of the Planar or 3D views. Can anyone share some ideas/ let me know a nice way to get this done?

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You can use the same method how the DICOM module shows the DICOM browser widget in the layout.

However, to take full advantage of all Slicer features, such as real-time processing, analysis, annotation, measurement, recording and replay, etc. of 2D/3D image streams, I would strongly recommend to use a 2D or 3D viewer instead of the extremely limited QLabel.

You don’t even need to implement the streaming interface, you can use SlicerOpenIGTLink module to receive and visualize real-time image streams. By using Plus toolkit there is a good chance that you don’t need to do any custom software development if you want to connect to your ultrasound, endoscope, video camera, depth camera, etc… See https://www.slicerigt.org/ for some examples.

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Thank you so much for the explanations and hints, I would look into the DICOM module and the Plus toolkit. I could already get the image streams on the viewers, this one I wanted to try out additionally.

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