Exclude pleural effusion from CT lung segmentation (CT lung analyzer)

Ask a question about lung segmentation.
I am performing segmentation for chest CT using lungmask, but inevitably pleural effusion is also segmented together. I am now erasing the pleural fluid with an eraser for each thin-slice one by one. However, that is very time-consuming and difficult.
Is there a better way to do this?

I use “R231CovidWeb”.

Try TotalSegmenter in the AI options of lung segmentation, I have seen detecting it pleural fluid fairly well, if you still got problems drop us a note here.

I get an error like this. I am in trouble, please help…

This is due to the fact that TotalSegmentator is not properly installed on your system.
Please download and install the Totalsegmenator extension.
Restart Slicer.
Test the extension.
If problems persist you may need to install the TotalSegmentator weights via a VPN.