Export a plane created by Markups to an .stl file or to a segment

Operating system: Windows 11 Home
Slicer version: 5.6.2
Expected behavior: I would like to export a plane created by Markups to an .stl file.
Actual behavior: No option for an .stl file (only .json)

Please provide more information about what you are trying to do? Without that all I can say, try GitHub - SlicerIGT/SlicerMarkupsToModel: 3D Slicer extension to create tube or closed surface model from markup fiducials

You can export plane to markup to model using OpenAnatomy extension. It writes the result to OBJ or glTF file.

If you want to save as STL then you can export the plane to a model by using this code snippet:

I’d like to plan an ostetomy cutting plane and save it as an.stl file to submit to an engineer to create a cutting guide. Thank you very much for your information. I tried the MarkupsToModel extension but did not receive a model automatically. This means I need to first create a closed surface with fiducial points prior to getting a model, correct?

Thank you very much. I tried the OpenAnatomy extension. It appears straightforward, however I’m not sure why the export button is greyed out as seen in the picture.
How can I apply the code snippet to 3dSlicer to get an STL file? I’ve never used it before.
Thank you very much again for your help.

You can use BoneReconstructionPlanner extension to fully automatically generate cutting guides for osteotomy directly in Slicern without a need to involve an engineer (or hugely simplify the work of an engineer).

The module is currently generates cutting guides for mandibular fibula flap reconstruction but it should not be hard to modify it to simpler procedures. @mau_igna_06 may be able to help.


Thanks for the pin @lassoan

@Piya, your workflow is indeed possible:

Please check the link below to implement this kind of resections:

This way you’d have the 3D boxes you can deliver to the engineer to create your guides.

I’d suggest you just do all the workflow inside Slicer to avoid friction. I can answer questions if there is intent to publish the code publicly


Dear Mauro, @mau_igna_06
Thank you for replying. Sorry for the delay in responding; I am still learning how to use the codes you provided. However, I must admit that I am unsure how to utilize or enter that code into the 3dSlicer. But I’ll try to learn more about this. Now I’m attempting to generate a rectangle and transform it to match the created plane; it works, but it’s not very precise.