Export DICOM SPECT, values higher than 2^16

Slicer version: 4.8.1

I’m registering a few SPECT/CT images using the common registration. Everything works relly well and the images seems to be as good as I expect !

My problem is when I try to “export” the DICOM file. My image values are higher than 2^16, so, when I export the images, all the values higher than 2^16, appears with no value (an horrible black hole).

How can I “export” the images without affect the maximum values??.. I need to use this images on another software to quantify the retained activity into the patient, so, It´is not viable rescale the pixel values to be lower than 2^16. I need the pixels values as they are.

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The problem is that the scalar type of the volume written by the CreateDICOMSeries module cannot represent that high numbers. What does the data probe (bottom left corner) show for voxel values if you hover those regions with the mouse?

DICOM gurus: Does SPECT support intercept/slope? Could we use that?

Thanks @cpinter for your interest…


Probably the easiest thing to do is modify the pixel values directly via python to clamp values to the max representable value.

Like the example here: