Export DICOM with RBG colours


I’m working with MRI brain images, and i have segmented a structure, with the Segment Editor module, (colour: green), how can i add this segmentation to the original image, without losing the green colour?

It’s that possible?

If you install the Quantitative Reporting extension you can export a DICOM Segmentation Object with the color recorded. Be aware that not many other programs will be able to read and process DICOM with color.


I try, but i get this error when i push the button “Save Report” :

NameError: name ‘returnValue’ is not defined

And the same error for “Complete Report”

After installing QuantitativeReporting extension, follow these instructions for exporting a segmentation to DICOM Segmentation Object: DICOM — 3D Slicer documentation. Use the latest Slicer Preview Release for this, as there have been related fixes and improvements recently.