Export segmentation to FEA software

Dear Andras,

Hello again and thanks for your previous instructions. I could do what I aimed to do.

Currently, I need a 3D model of the long bone so that I can import into a CAD and eventually into a FEA.
In the Segment Editor module, after applying threshold, Island, etc, the long bone is selected with highlighting the slices (the actual cross sections of the bone). Afterwards, I hit the export/model in the Segmentations module and then I import the generated file into a CAD (such as CATIA). However, only the outer and inner surface of the long bone is shown in CAD(without the cross sections). In the 3D slicer, it seems that a 3D model is generated, maybe it is due to exporting as an STL file?

Any help you provide is highly appreciated.


See this discussion about challenges regarding using surface meshes in CAD software: From mesh to surface