Exporting planned trajectories from Slicer to Stealth System

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has an already established workflow to importing planned trajectories on 3D slicer to the Stealth Navigation system. Once I have my trajectories set using Path explorer what’s the best way to import them to the Stealth Station. Thank You

Current StealthLink interface does not allow sending data to the StealthStation; and as far as I know, StealthStation can only load DICOM images (not trajectories or surgical plans generated by external software), and only before starting the planning.

Most StealthStation-based experimental systems gets the image, patient registration, and real-time tracking data streams via StealthLink and implement custom planning and surgical guidance in 3D Slicer. This setup has the advantage that clinicians have simultaneous access to the FDA-approved unmodified StealthStation and the IRB-approved 3D Slicer based research system.

This clear separation of clinical and research systems reduce the risk and clarifies liability of all participants, therefore it is unlikely to significantly change. What we requested a few times from Medtronic is to expose more information via StealthLink, such as the current view layout and view parameters so that we can automatically match the information displayed on StealthStation screens to what we show on 3D Slicer screens. However, we haven’t seen much progress in this in the past few years.