Exporting segmentation problem

Operating system: windows 7
Slicer version: 4.10.1
Expected behavior: Exporting the segmentation I see on the screen
Actual behavior: Exporting extra volume

Hi, I would like to report this issue, that I can’t fix.

I made a segmentation
and this model is empty inside.

But when I export the segmentation

and I import the exported model as segmentation
the model is full

How can I fix this?

I even try to modify it again, making the label map end export it again. But that did not work

Thanks in advance for your help

This is a known problem (see issue in the bugtracker) that affects display of some complex segmentations based on the closed surface representation. So, your segmentation is good, it is just a display issue.

Workaround until the display issue is fixed:

  • Go to Segmentations module
  • In Representations section, click Create button in “Binary labelmap” row
  • In Display / Advanced section, select “Binary labelmap” for “Representation in 2D views”

For anybody who finds this issue - the display issue was fixed some time ago, so workarounds are not needed anymore.