Exporting several labelmaps

I am conducting a research about liver SIRT. I segmented the liver, tumor and radiation sectors on Simplicity (Boston Scientific) console and exported the structures into RTStructure file.
I imported the RTStructure file into 3D slicer and I want to export the labelmaps to Nifti files, to test my algorithm. I used « export visible segments to binary labelmaps » to create my Nifti files.
When trying my algorithm, I couldn’t find the tumor, because of the overlapping with the radiation volume. The only visible parts of tumor in the provided exemple is the bombing part of the tumor. The rest is merged with the radiation volume label.
How to correctly export the labels to avoid the overlapping segments ?

If you want your segmentation to not overlap, you can use the logical operation module of the segment editor to do the difference between your segmentation.

If you like your actual segmentation and this is just a display issue, you can play with the transparency setting to display what you want

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Thanks for your help! It worked!