Exporting Volume data from GE Voluson 730

Hello all,

I’d like to preface that I’m a software architect but have no knowledge/experience with bio-medical devices.

What I’m trying to do ultimately, is 3D print an ultrasound of my baby (wife is 7 months pregnant). My understanding is that the technician needs to export the volume files which I’ll then be able to load in a software (I found a few) that will allow me to clean up the image. From then I can then convert it to STL files that the 3D printer requires.

My issue is that the technician didn’t seem to know how to export the scan’s volume file. How would we go about doing that on a GE Voluson 730 machine?

Thanks in advance. I really hope we can figure this out. It’d be so cool to 3D print what my daughter looks like right now!

I also want to export the 3d file. But I think it can export raw volume data and stl-like file.I want raw volume data , and I want to know how to read it in WINDOWS