Extension builds failing for Windows amd mac, but succeeding for linux

In Dash board I can see my entension is building successfully in Linux (my main OS). However I have detected that it is failing for Windows and mac since december 25, 2020. I have not made any significant changes to it and since it is running fine on Linux I wonder what it is happening here?

Using the link that you provided it shows Windows builds succeeding. Here is the link to the one started on January 17th SlicerPreview : Build Summary.

For macOS here’s a successful one on January 5th SlicerPreview : Build Summary.

There is probably not an issue with the extension itself. If it simply doesn’t show a report then the factory build machine had an error such as Slicer not building successfully or timing out. I haven’t seen anything that indicates your extension has been consistently failing to build though. Are there specific recent cdash pages for Windows and macOS showing it failed?

Not failed but just not being built, see this

This is probably due to the macOS test timeout issue: Dashboard test timeouts on macOS · Issue #5391 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub, which happens on the factory since Jan 7, but I could not reproduce it locally. @Sam_Horvath is investigating the problem.

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Ok everything is back online now, except the macos build that was timed out after 10 minutes.