Extension contribution checklist

extension repository name

Earlier today, following the submission of a pull request adding a new extension to the Extension index, the associated test failed:


with the following message:

image .

Following input from @fedorov , we tweaked the wording to mention that using the Slicer prefix was recommended but not mandatory. See update to the ci script and wiki.

contribution checklist improvement

The checklist documented in the Step-by-step: How to create, publish, distribute and maintain an extension ? guide has also been updated and is now in markdown format ready to be copied into new pull request. This should help extension index reviewer.


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Thanks for your effort.

I don’t know why my modules tests always fail?

The module download elastix binaries from our server and use them in its logic class. Is there anything I should to make things work? I run the testing in differentWindow and Ubuntu machines and it works. The extension does not support Mac for now but mac users are welcome to modify it and I can help in this if needed (I don’t have mac).

If you need Elastix, please do not download binaries from your own server. Instead, add SlicerElastix to EXTENSION_DEPENDS in your CMakeLists.txt file. When you install your extension, the extension manager will also install SlicerElastix extension, which has all the Elastix binaries on all platforms (including MacOS) and compatible with Slicer (uses Slicer’s ITK). Using the proper binaries might also fix your module tests.

Thanks for the info. I will try that.