Extension dependency not found

Hello all,

Looking into why our extension didn’t build:

Is there something obvious I’m missing? I added the dependency to SlicerVirtualReality in EXTENSION_DEPENDS

Possibly because SlicerVirtualReality is not listed as a dependency in the ExtensionsIndex?

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Indeed, without this … the extension build system doesn’t know which folder to pass along.

Ah, I thought the dependencies were detected from EXTENSION_DEPENDS. Ok, I’ll fix that.

Indirectly yes.

(1) Metadata are listed in CMakeLists.txt -> (2) generate description file in build directory -> (3) description file added to the extension index.

In a nutshell, it is important to keep information consistent between description file and CMakeLists.txt.

Also, since the build system need to know an extension dependency before configuring it … it can not only be in the extension CMakeLists.txt, it needs to be available by some other way.