Extract Transfer Function from Color Table


I’m trying to apply a transfer function to my volume-rendering. I have a custom vtkMRMLColorTableNode, but GetScalarsToColors() always returns a vtkLookupTable. Is there a way to get a vtkTransferFunction out of this?


Transfer functions are stored in volume rendering property nodes.

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If you just want the colors in your table to be transferred for volume rendering, you can just click the “Sync with Volumes” checkbox in the properties in the Volume Rendering module. Then uncheck it and you can set the opacities, etc.

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Thanks to you two, I managed to find the correct function in the source code!

The way I did it was as follows:

  1. First, get the Volume Rendering Logic via volume_rendering_logic = slicer.modules.volumerendering.logic().
  2. Then, create the Volume Rendering Node of the Volume Node by using volume_rendering_node = volume_rendering_logic.CreateDefaultVolumeRenderingNodes(volume_node).
  3. Finally, “sync” the Display Node of the volume with the Volume Rendering Display Node via volume_logic.CopyDisplayToVolumeRenderingDisplayNode(volume_rendering_node).

Thanks again!