Failure to open QuadBuffer

I’m using the Slicer 4.10.0 and when i want to choose quadbuffer as the stereo mode.
But I failed and there is a warning:
vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow (000001DF559FE7F0): Adjusting stereo mode on a window that does not support stereo type CrystalEyes is not possible.

My devices are as follows:
Graphic card : NVIDIA Quadro P5000
Monitor: Asus PG278QR
Glasses: 3d vision 2

What should I do to open the quadbuffer?
Thank you all.

You may need to change the default surface format in Qt before you create the 3D view (if you already have a 3D view then you can switch to a layout that has more 3D views).

Since consumer virtual reality is so inexpensive and widely available and it offers practically infinite field of view and rich 3D controls (2x6DOF controllers), there are only a few, very little application areas polarized/shutter glasses technology may still make sense. I would recommend to explore virtual reality instead - using SlicerVirtualReality extension.