Fcal Lego phantom: configuration file and 3D model

Hi! I am following the instruction to perform freehand 3D ultrasound calibration using the Lego phantom. It is stated in the pdf tutorial that the 3D model and XML file of the lego phantom is provided.

Plus version: PlusApp-

  1. In the PLUS config folder, there is an STL file, fCal_L1.4. Is this the latest 3D model of the Lego phantom?
  2. Where can I find the configuration file of the Lego phantom?

Thank you for the help!

The Lego phantom config files are in this folder:

The Lego phantom STL are here: PlusLibData/CADModels/LegoPhantom at master · PlusToolkit/PlusLibData · GitHub

Thanks a lot! The Lego phantom has 3 different versions. My phantom is corresponding with the LegoPhantom.stl

However, in the ConfigFiles list, the Lego-related files all refer to LegoPhantom 2 and Lego Phantom 3. Could you advise on which one is closer to the first version LegoPhantom?

I’ve found the config file on our data server and added it to PlusLibData: PlusLibData/PlusConfiguration_Sonix_Ascension_LegoPhantom.xml at master · PlusToolkit/PlusLibData · GitHub.