Feature extractor

Dear community,

I have little experience in coding and I am using radiomics for the first time. I tried to find the solution in the documentation, websearch etc. but was not able to.

import radiomics
from radiomics import featureextractor
from radiomics import getFeatureClasses
import SimpleITK as sitk
import numpy as np 
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

extractor = radiomics.featureextractor.RadiomicsFeatureExtractor()

#load numpy array with a CT image of a benign and malignant tumor and corresponding image masks
image_benign = np.load('case_00044_slice_33.npy')
mask_benign = np.load('case_00044_slice_33_segmentation.npy')
image_malig = np.load('case_00202_slice_137.npy')
mask_malig = np.load('case_00202_slice_137_segmentation.npy')

#transform arrays into sitk format
sitk_benign = sitk.GetImageFromArray(image_benign)
sitk_seg_benign = sitk.GetImageFromArray(mask_benign)
sitk_malig = sitk.GetImageFromArray(image_malig)
sitk_seg_malig = sitk.GetImageFromArray(mask_malig)

#extract tumor area
new_mask = (mask_benign == 2)*mask_benign
result = extractor.getSphericityFeatureValue(sitk_benign, new_mask)

AttributeError: ‘RadiomicsFeatureExtractor’ object has no attribute ‘getSphericityFeatureValue’
is the error I receive…

I tried a couple other things, but that wasn’t working either. This might be a pretty basic question, nevertheless I’d be super happy for any help!