Fiducial registration module for SlicerCAT

Hi there,

I’m looking for the source code of the module “Fiducial registration” in order to include it in a SlicerCAT build.

I know that the module “Fiducial Registration Wizard” from IGT extension is very similar but I would like to use a custom module on SlicerCAT which call the module “Fiducial registration”.

If anyone could help me to find the source code or help me to build SlicerCAT with “Fiducial registration” it would be very appreciated.

Thank you,

looking for the source code of the module FiducialRegistration


By default, the module is expected to be built in your Slicer custom application.

Make sure that it is the list of enabled CLIs in the template:


Thank you @jcfr and @Sam_Horvath, for your answers.
I had not thought of using this solution at all.

Everything is working properly now.

Thanks !