Fiducial to Model Surface Distance

Update: The Fiducials to Model Distance module is now available in the extension manager in the ‘Quantification’ area.

Fiducial To Model Distance


Is this module already available because right now I cannot find it in the extension manager:(

It should appear in the extension manager in the latest preview release of slicer. It may not appear if you are using slicer 4.10.2 or older versions of 4.11.0. It is under the ‘Quantification’ section

The module was written for 4.11.0 but it may work on earlier versions although I can’t guarantee it.

If you do need to get it on an older version then you should be able to just download the files from the github site here. Click the green button in the top right corner of the webpage called “Clone or Download” download the files as a zip. Then unzip the files and move them to a folder of your choice. The standard file path for modules on slicer (in windows) seems to be C:/Users/“your user name here”/AppData/Roaming/NA-MIC/“Extensions of your version of slicer here”. So to be tidy you could put it in here with the rest of your extensions, but anywhere will work.

Then in slicer go to Edit > Application Settings > Modules, in the Additional Module paths area click “Add”. Then browse to the folder where you put the files which you downloaded from github. You will need to browse to the “FiducialsToModelDistance” folder for it to work. Then you will need to restart slicer and it should now appear in the module area under “Quantification”.

I have used a nighty version of 4.11.0 from january, but after updating, the module can be found in extension manager. Thank you for your helpful reply!

Hi Andras,
I can do this one and put it on github.

I am also using the code a little bit differently for some other modules in our project.

Thanks alot. Its very useful

Saima Safdar

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