Fiducial Registration Wizard Problem

I have two STL models with tracking markers on them. I am trying to register them using the fiducial registration wizard in Slicer but I’m not having luck.

Are there any good step-by-step tutorials out there for registering two STL models against each other? I have been using the “Pivot Calibration” PPT on the website but I am having trouble.

Have you completed all relevant SlicerIGT tutorials?

It is not clear what you would like to do:

  • A. Determine transform between tracking markers and STL model (so that you can see the true position of tracked models in the scene). These is referred to as “patient registration” in SlicerIGT tutorials. We usually do this by first calibrating a pointer (a.k.a. stylus; a short stick with a sharp tip) using pivot calibration module, then use Fiducial registration wizard to collect point coordinates by touching landmark points on the physical object with the tracked pointer, and mark the same points in the model node in the scene.
  • B. Register two STL models to each other. You can do this using Fiducial registration wizard. Such registration is not needed in most IGT workflows.