Fiducials labels not visible

I had compiled slicer, but the labels of fiducials are not showing…

This is very little information. What platform? Slicer revision? Build sucessful? What do you do exactly to show fiducials, what do you expect, and what happens instead?

On linux(ubuntu 20.04). Built successfully. When I am placing fiducials both through UI and script, I am not to see the labels of the fiducials. I am just getting the fiducial dot(not the name).
And also while compilation I replaced the placement fiducial icon with custom one.

Showing/hiding point labels is a flag in the display node. You also need to make sure the label size is not 0.

By default the point labels are displayed for fiducials, but maybe you loaded an old scene or saved a default label size = 0 in your application settings.