Finding the corresponding point to a specific displacement field

Slicer version:4.8.1
Hi 3D slicer experts and all users
I have got displacement fields for different points of a particular segment (i.e heart); and with the movement of mouse on each point , the corresponding vector components are displayed in 3 coordinates(RAS) in information section of Transforms module . and inversely ,now I want to find the point which is corresponding to a specific vector . on the other words, I want to find that in a volume ,which point has that specific displacement field ? is it possible to find this point? and can you guide me about this question with an example?
Thanks a lot

Thousands of points may have almost exactly the same displacement value in a field. You can use Contour visualization mode to highlight regions that have specific displacement magnitude values.

If you were interested in which point was moved to a specific position then you need to invert the transform by clicking on Invert button.

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Thank you very much for your guidelines ; and now, I have another question ! can I use also python to find these points which are correspond to a specific displacement vector or not?
Thanks a lot

Yes you can. All Slicer APIs are available in Python. If you describe what you would like to do exactly we can give more specific help.