Fixed Bin Width / Fixed Bin Count + Resegmentation

I am running 3D Slicer + Radiomics using Parameter Files.

In my application, I need to compare a set of CT images that have the same minimum HU but varying maximum HU. Using resegmentation, I thought that I would be able to set the same maximum HU for all images so, with a fixed bin width, all features would be comparable.

However, I noticed that resegmentation only affects the first order features. All other features remain the same, which means that the range is taken from the original segmentation, not the resegmentation.

Is there any way to achieve what I need, that is to have the same bin width, with the same bin count by using the modified range from the resegmentation?

I found this, which I think suggests it is not possible (???):

“In PyRadiomics, gray value discretization using a fixed bin width always utilizes bin edges which are equally spaced from 0 and where the lowest gray level is ensured to be discretized to the first bin. Regardless of any resegmentation, etc.”