FreeSurfer volumetric analysis

Hi everyone, I’m new to Slicer and I have some questions about the software’s capabilities for volumetric analysis. I work with neuroimages and I have patients processed with FreeSurfer. With that said, what I want to do is a cerebral volumetry analysis and I want to support the results with images generated in Slicer. For example, I would like to render a cortical volume with thickness. That is, a volume with a colormap related to cortical thickness.Overall, I would like to explore the synergy between FreeSurfer and Slicer.

You should take a look at the SlicerFreeSurfer extension available through the Extension manager. Project code at GitHub - PerkLab/SlicerFreeSurfer: This repository contains the SlicerFreeSurferImporter extension for 3D Slicer. The extension implements a module for importing models, scalar overlays, and segmentations from FreeSurfer, as well as handling the transformation of models from FreeSurfer to Slicer coordinates.