GeneraeOverlayImages in CIP not working

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version:4.11
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
I’m trying to use Generate Overlay Images cip script in my ubuntu terminal using the CLI command-line tools. Can anyone tell me how to use GenerateOverlayImages in the terminal, I already looked at the help document. I also tried the CIP module in slicer and used generateoverlayimages in the utils module but when I click apply ith just keeps running and doesnt stop. Any tips?

Same with read dicom write tags (ReadDicomWriteTags). Can someone tell me how to use it in cli like a for example cli line for both GenerateOverlayImages and ReadDicomWriteTags.
This is what I’m using now:
1>GenerateOverlayImages --all --prefix “ILD_303_0verlay” -c cipwd/project/caseID/ct -l cipwd/project/caseID/lmap.nrrd (keeps running)
2>ReadDicomWriteTags -r /root/Scans/case/* -s 9 -o /root/project/caseID/output.csv