General Registration(pre CBCT+postCBCT)

i have a problem with BRANS
i want to do do the registration between PreCBCT and ProCBCT of a patient’s skull
Operating systerm:windows
Slicer version:4.11.20210226
Parameter set:General Registration
percentage samples:0.05
output settings:slicer liner transform
Registration phases:Rigid(6DOF)
masking option:ROI(the masked area is the skull base )
after apply,the reasult is below:
General Registration (BRAINS) standard output:
Original Fixed image origin[-384, -384, -72.5, 0]
Error while reading in imageC:/Users/13151/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/BIGBC_vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNodeB.nrrd

It seems that one of the masks are invalid (probably empty). If you are sure that the mask is correct then you can try SlicerElastix extension, too.

thank you very much.