Get active cell from loaded table

I’d like to access the active (highlighted) cell in a table in the MRML scene from the Python interactor. I thought this property might be in the vtkMRMLTableNode or vtkMRMLTableViewNode. Is there someplace else I should look? Thanks!

You can get selected column indices using qMRMLTableView::selectedMRMLTableColumnIndices()`. Feel free to add more methods (for example to return (row,col) indices, or use more Python-friendly return types) and send a pull request.

Table view also has a selectionChanged() signal that you can observe to get notified when selection is changed.

Thanks @lassoan. I can get the qMRMLTableView when I instantiate the widget, could you explain how to get it from the scene?

Would you like to access a table view that is in the view layout?

You can access it by calling

Thanks @lassoan! This works perfectly.

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