Get oriented bounding boxes for each segment

是不是可以开发自动boundingbox功能呢?如果能够 oriented bounding box 就太好了…

Is it possible to develop an automatic boundingbox function? It would be great if it could be oriented bounding box

This feature is already available in Segment Statistics module. See complete example here.

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That is Great! :+1: Thanks

我用这个示例做了pedicle的obb,又用以下代码crop volume:

I used this example here to make the obb of the pedicle, and also used the following code to crop the volume:

cropLogic = slicer.modules.cropvolume.logic() crop_module = slicer.vtkMRMLCropVolumeParametersNode() crop_module.SetROINodeID(roi.GetID()) crop_module.SetInputVolumeNodeID(volume.GetID()) crop_module.SetVoxelBased(True) cropLogic.Apply(crop_module)


But I get the following result that I don’t want(Note: the red one is the obb):

What’s wrong?


Well, I’ve solved. . .