Graphics capabilities of this computer: Renderer does not support required OpenGL capabilities

Hello every teachers:
my 3D Slicer’s version is 4.11 , when i open it, these information shows as follows
how can i fix it

it’s possible that your operating system does not support OpenGL

i can open it two hours ago.this question happened just now

Maybe hit “Ignore”, then see if it works as before. Otherwise, uninstall and then install again.

Have you tried to update your graphics driver? Just install the latest version of it and see if this has any effects.

Your most probable issue is that you run a graphics drivers currently without opengl support, it may support mesa though in linux based os’es. but you have to dig in the documentations, possibly need to rebuild 3d slicer or at least reconfigure it for mesa options if you don’t find an opengl capable driver for your gfx?

@user_ghost What operating system do you use? Do you use the computer via some remote desktop software?