GUI Design in Slicer 5.x

Despite not being very familiar to Slicer I am given the task of designing a custom GUI to ease the use of Slicer by physicians. I want this GUI to be run in Slicer 5.x. I read about Slicelets and my task is the exact definition of them. However, I am having trouble understanding the simple example provided by following link:

Furthermore, I am not sure if it will work on Slicer 5.x. I am searching the new documentation however there is not an up-to-date page describing GUI design. I humbly ask for a guide that you think might be helpful for my relatively simple task.
Thanks a lot in advance.

This is an important topic.

You can enable “Developer mode” in Slicer Settings:


then use the QT designer to make a prototype of a GUI.

You may also want to check out this interesting thread dealing with Slicer QR.

Thank you so much, QT designer indeed seems like the solution for the GUI design.

I would like to elaborate on my question further and share my findings. I ended up finding multiple options for my task, and the one I decided on is to write a python scripted module. In this module I customize my GUI, and add only the necessary widgets and functionalities. That will simplify the interface for the use of physicians. In my opinion, this amazing video series cannot be ignored when it comes to design of a python scripted module for the beginners:

After following the tutorial, I have another question:

To design python scripted modules, is there a repository or a similar source that is providing basic scripts for the python? For instance, I want to have the option of loading DICOM files from a folder. I would like to have a basic GUI design along with its code provided only for this task. I know there are sources in following link but usually there are a lot of functions, all intertwined with each other, consuming a lot of time to understand:


The 3D Slicer script repository is what you should utilize for that.