Heap space for Slicer

Hi All,

I am facing memory issues while running tasks like centerline line extraction using Slicer installed on a server.

I’d like to know how to increase the heap space for Slicer.

Hi - It’s what Andras mentioned before. Ideally you add more RAM, or if not you allocate more swap space (linux) or virtual memory (windows). There’s nothing slicer-specific required.

Thank you. I thought there would be Slicer specific options . For instance, I find application specific options mentioned here

That’s for Java applications. Slicer will utilize up to the physical memory available in your system. If you are using a shared server or a VM, may be the admins are constraining it?

Thank you. Yes, I am using a shared server.

I could find free swap space at the instant when bad_alloc error appeared. So I am not sure if the swap space has to be increased.