Help me! Update plane from fiducial points...How can I aligne the red plane with Coordinate axis?

# Update plane from fiducial points
def UpdateSlicePlane(data):
  a = data
  points = np.array([list(zip(*a))])[0]
#     b2 = np.array([list(zip(*a))])
  sliceNode ="Red").mrmlSliceNode()
  planePosition = points.mean(axis=1)
  planeNormal = np.cross(points[:,1] - points[:,0], points[:,2] - points[:,0])
  planeX = points[:,1] - points[:,0]
  sliceNode.SetSliceToRASByNTP(planeNormal[0], planeNormal[1], planeNormal[2],
    planeX[0], planeX[1], planeX[2],
    planePosition[0], planePosition[1], planePosition[2], 0)

slicernb.ViewDisplay('OneUpRedSlice', center=False)


I want aligne the red plane with Coordinate axis?, like that: