Help Needed: Locating "Colorize Volume" Module or Equivalent in SlicerMorph

Hello Slicer Community,

I have recently installed the SlicerMorph extension in 3D Slicer with the intention of using the “Colorize Volume” module. However, I’m unable to find this module in the list after installation. I am wondering if this module has been renamed, moved, or integrated into another module within SlicerMorph or another extension.

Could someone please guide me on where I can find the “Colorize Volume” functionality, or how to achieve similar results with other modules in 3D Slicer? Any tips on volume coloring or related features would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,

Colorize Volume is in the Sandbox extension.
@smrolfe can you add Sandbox extension as a dependency?

Thank you! This issue has been resolved.

Great. Can you click on the solution button to mark it solved.